Barcelona for kids.

Educational trips are part of some of the best memories that children keep from their formative years. For teachers is also a fun way to communicate with their students in a complete different way to the rest of the term and a way of creating memories and liasons thet will last a lifetime.

Language? Art? Music? Litterature? Nature?

My tours are like mobile classrooms where objects, situations and experience make understand a subject better, so let me know what you want students to focus on and I’ll organise a taylor made tour based on what students are studying. I want their curiosity to grow bigger and bigger…!

I can use quizzes, books for litery tours, museum sites… to make kids participate in order to interact with what they are experiencing and make it a fun way of learning.

Also we can include some language classes to improve their Spanish :)

Only let me know your interests and I will do the rest. Fun & Learn from the hand of a Professional Official Licensed Guide who has been touring with kids for the last 13 years!!