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Visit Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) it’s one of Gaudí’s most famous works in Barcelona. Don’t miss the chance to see it, it certainly is a must see.

No matter if you are religious or not, The Holy Family Temple has nothing to do with any other temple or church you might have seen. Have in mind Gaudí designed it and that is a guarantee that something surprising is awaiting for you!

Gaudí’s main inspiration was mother nature, so inside, this temple looks like a…ooooops….I don’t want to spoil the surprise!! See it with your own eyes and feel it with your own heart!!

The starting point for the Sagrada Familia was Gothic architecture which Gaudí modified and improved to offer a completely new form of architecture which, due to its originality, makes this temple unique.

The construction that is still unfinished will be completed for 2016 which is Gaudí’s 100 year death aniversary since he died in 1926. By then, this temple will become the highest one in the worl eith 564 feet high. Extraordinary don’t you think!!

via Sagrada Familia – Barcelona for Kids – Private tour Barcelona kids

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