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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can tour?

The minimum is one person and the maximum for the standart tours is 6, so if you are more than 6 you should tell me in the “contact me” option and I will adapt the tour to your needs.

Can I buy a tour as a present to a friend?

Of course! just tell us in the “contact us” option and we will contact your friend when you tell us and wait until your friend chooses the exact day when he or she wants to tour. The voucher will then be sent to your friends email.

Will we stop for toilets or coffe?

Your need are our needs, so if you want to stop certainly we will, but have in mind that the time spent in during the stop will not affect the scheduled finishing time of hte tour.

What document should I carry the day of the tour?

Just the voucher that was sent to you or the email of payment confirmation.

Can I change the name of a member coming in the tour the last minute?

Yes you can, but you have to “contact us” and let us know via email. If that change increases the number of members over 6, it really must be advised to me in order to fit all the members in the van and to be able to acces some of the sights.

Is your paying sistem secure and safe?

We take security in paying seriously thats why we use Paypal as our paying platform: the more secure and in which millions of people trust their money everyday. If you still not feel confident about paypal, you can always send us a message in the “contact us” option and we will search for an optional method.