The Magic Fountain in Barcelona

  Barcelona’s Magic Dancing Fountain is the most famous in Barcelona, the best loved landmark and a top touristic attraction. Around 2.5 million people visit the Magic Dancing Fountain each year and fall in love with it…or thanks to it!! The site is open to the public and it’s free  admission. You need to know […]

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The Cathedral’s organ

Barcelona kids &  The Cathedral´s organ.   The Cathedral´s organ dates back to 1538 and still preserves that incredible gothic sound that one can only really experience if it is played in a Gothic Cathedral. It is a gift to your senses and will bring you happiness and gratitude.   The organists are international first […]

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April – Sant Jordi (April 23)

Many people think that Sant Jordi (Saint George) is the most beautiful festival in Barcelona. The date of Sant Jordi, the patron of Catalonia, is also known as the “Day of the book”, because the most important poet of spain, Cervantes, died and Shakespeare was born on an 23 of April. The tradition wants that […]

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