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What calçots are exactly.

Tour Private Barcelona kids

As the legend goes, a 19th-Century Catalan farmer was out experimenting in his fields when he came up with a new kind of longer and juicier green onion: the calçot. Well, there you are! a great invention for foodies and a great way of having laughs while eating!! Let me explain…

Tour private barcelona kids

Calçotadas typically take place in the countryside,  at rural Catalan restaurants called masias or in peoples’ homes. The period from January to March sees a number of public calçotadas.

The traditional Catalan method of cooking the calçots is to grill them over a flaming barbecue using the branches of the vines recently trimmed. The ​calçots are wrapped in newspaper, which makes them tender.

Tour private barcelona kids

And here comes the ritual…you must pick the calçots from the tile with one hand and with the other hand you grab the bottom end and pull to take off the burnt leaves. Then, dip it in the delicious sauce called Romesco made from dried red peppers, almonds, garlic, vinegar and olive oil and with an expert move put it in your mouth!

No fork or knive, just fun for all the family!!
tour private barcelona for kids



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